Finding a balance between the old and new, our jewels are traditionally timeless with a modern twist. Using color and creative design we hope to add a unique sparkle to everyone's life.


Engagement | Bridal | Wedding Bands

One of the great privileges of making jewelry is being able to create the precious rings that symbolize the love and promise between two people. Using our custom design process, we are able to make a connection with our customers and create intimate, one of a kind ring sets made to fit each individual perfectly.  

Rendering | Traditional Techniques | 3D Printing 

Everything from sourcing stones, to hand rendered designs, to handcrafting those designs into a reality is done in house at The Golden Rule Jewelry. Using traditional metal smithing techniques we are able to create one of a kind pieces featuring an array of both cut and natural stones.

Repairs | Polishing | Cleaning | Stone Replacement

Keeping jewelry looking polished and new is very important to us. We offer a variety of services involved with refreshing or repairing your jewelry.  All repairs will require an appointment, either by phone or in person, to assess the issue with your jewelry and affirm if a repair can be done here at The Golden Rule.

Custom Projects

Whether it be a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, we can create a completely one of a kind piece of jewelry for your loved one. Everything from picking out the stone to creating a unique design and so much more can be accomplished through our custom design process and give your loved one a bespoke treasure that will last a lifetime. 


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