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Serendipity; finding something good without looking for it...

On a  Saturday in February 2019, Sidnee Bancroft was unexpectedly informed of a quaint, commercial property for sale in the gorgeous beach town of New Buffalo, MI. She visited a few days later and instantly knew that this was where her entrepreneurial journey would begin.  What had seemed like a very far off dream of building her own business and owning her own store had quickly become a reality. Shortly after that day, COVID-19 brought the world to a screeching halt and life as we all knew it stood still. 

Despite the uncertainty of the future, Sidnee and her husband decided to move forward with building the business. Over the next year, a full renovation was executed in the space. The ceiling was knocked out to provide a more open area, walls were painted white, and new wood flooring put in to create a fresh and modern atmosphere. 

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