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Growing up in Southwest Michigan, it was easy to escape to Lake Michigan every chance I had. And in those moments, I realized how much I wanted to create art inspired by the nature of changing tides, for all to enjoy. What I find most inspiring is each time I take a stroll along the water’s edge it is different than our previous time together. No stone is the same, no piece of driftwood, and the very shore of the rippling waves is different than the day before. It is like the water is reminding you that you are exactly where you need to be. Yesterday is in the past and tomorrow will not be the same as this moment right now. Embrace and enjoy what this moment of your journey is offering you. 


These days I reside in the suburbs of Detroit with my husband, our two children, and two furry pups. While I find myself missing Lake Michigan almost every day, I am thankful to have the beautiful parks and rocky shores on the east side of the mitten to remind me that change is all around us. 

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Macrame Artist


"Each piece of art I create is a reflection and interpretation of my time with the freshwater shores. Always made with 100% cotton cord, real wood accessories and hand-picked driftwood. If there is one thing I hope my art brings to your life, it is joy. Joy, that change comes and goes throughout our lives, but we will always flow together just the way nature intended." 

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